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Communication and Public Relations: SAMHSA Resources

May 1, 2013, 12-1PM PDT

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Audience:  Communications and Public Relations Directors/staff focusing on behavioral health issues in the States.

 SAMHSA is interested in providing an orientation/informational session for State Behavioral Health Agencies on information available on the SAMHSA Website, SAMHSA Store, and on SAMHSA messaging on issues significant to behavioral health.  The opportunity for influencing the state-level messaging is ripe now with the launch of the National Dialogue, national campaigns, and attention that behavioral health is receiving in the media.   In addition, this will give participants the opportunity to create a national communication network.

The Webinar is presented by SAMHSA’s Office of Communications in concert with SAMHSA’s Regional Offices.


Overview of SAMHSA Resources – Marla Hendriksson, Director of the Office of Communications, SAMHSA

  • Products and Campaigns – Annie McConnell, OC, SAMHSA
  • Web  Resources – Michele Monroe. OC, SAMHSA
  • Public Affairs – Bradford  Stone, OC, SAMHSA
  • Social Media – Marla Hendriksson
  • Examples of effective state-level activities
  • Open discussion, Q&A


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