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Minerva knowledge base

Welcome to the Minerva Knowledge Base which includes a comprehensive set of Minerva reference documents, quick step guides, and past training presentations on the following topics:

  • General reference, including the User Guide
  • Minerva reports
  • Reporting by CPWI and CBO contractors
  • Tribal prevention
  • Specific prevention programs

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Reference documents for all system users

Reference documents on Minerva reports

  • Planning Reports - a description of the Program on a Page Report, the Activity Log on a Page Report, and the Planning Report. Designed for all System Users, these reports will help with setting up Program Planning Profiles and Activity Logs [August 30, 2018].
  • Services by Performing Entity and Program Report - a complete guide to requesting the SPEPR and suggestions for how to use this report [date of update: October 29, 2018]
  • Tribal Annual Report - reference regarding starting and completing a Tribal Annual Narrative for Prevention Programming in Minerva and downloading information entered into the "Tribal Annual Reporting" section of Minerva.

Reference documents for Community-based Organizations (CBOs) and Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative (CPWI) communities

Reference documents for Tribal prevention partners

Reference documents for specific programs

  • Good Behavior Game  -  Follow these steps to correctly build a Program Profile for the GBG, create Activity Logs, and Enter Session Details. This also applies to many other multiple teacher, multiple classroom programs [Updated December 21 2017].
  • Mentoring and one-to-one services - slides from June 22, 2017 TA Call.