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Administrator, Social Development Research Group

The Social Development Research Group has an outstanding opportunity for an Administrator.

The Administrator serves in a variety of roles and must demonstrate effective management and administrative skills in exercising extensive independent judgment and decision-making authority in performing and directing the full range of management services, including program and budget planning, grant and contract budget administration, personnel administration and facilities management both within the unit and in coordination with the School of Social Work leadership team.  With the Director, and Assistant Director, the Administrator is part of SDRG’s executive management team to work with the SDRG Executive Committee to meet the goals of the Group.

Essential job functions

• Formulate the general administrative policies of SDRG:  develop, implement, interpret and provide counsel regarding SDRG policies and procedures as well as those of the School of Social Work, larger University of Washington and both state and federal agencies; develop and administer procedures for new SDRG programs or activities in conformance with institutional and program sponsors’ policies.  Participate in the development of long-range strategic planning and priorities for SDRG.

• Administer the budgetary affairs of SDRG, including financial and business planning, monitoring, and forecasting:  prepare cost estimates and projections of current and future needs and recommend appropriate action; analyze effects of proposed actions; ensure that the allocation of SDRG’s overhead expenses across projects is in accordance with federal guidelines; review and approve income/expense, statistical, and budget status reports; audit and approve expenditures, requisitions, vouchers, payroll and personnel changes for accuracy and compliance with policies and procedures; analyze problem areas and recommend or take corrective action; develop and oversee the implementation and maintenance of a computerized system of grants management and monthly reporting for all SDRG budgets; collaborate and provide guidance to Principal Investigators and Project Directors in managing sponsored research budgets. Coordinate budgetary requests with the School of Social Work leadership on an annual basis.

• Manage SDRG’s RCR and self-sustaining budgets:  develop annual budget for director’s approval and approval by the School of Social Work for use of resources; exercise independent judgment in approving expenditures; provide monthly and annual budget reports and projections, detailing income and expenditures. Effectively manage revenue accounts pursuant to School of Social Work and UW guidelines.

• Direct SDRG’s administrative unit:  develop and implement effective and efficient administrative procedures and supervise staff in administrative support services including grant/contract management, purchasing, payroll, travel, equipment/inventory, and general office support.  Provide general oversight in the areas of human subjects coordination and library management, editing, writing, information retrieval and publication services, including the monitoring of articles submitted for publication or in press.

• Act as liaison with the UW SSW hiring authority in Workday to assist with non-academic personnel matters.  Working with SSW, assist SDRG staff with the development (or review and approval) of job descriptions for classified and professional staff positions including administration of the employee recruitment process for salaried professional and classified staff; approve of new or replacement positions; provide input on salary recommendations; recommend hourly classifications and rates of pay for approval by UW central compensation; provide counsel to project and unit directors on personnel issues; review performance evaluations; and in conjunction with the Director, manage annual merit processes for non-academic employees.

• Coordinate grant and contract proposal preparation for new and continuing grants and contracts on behalf of the unit, including ensuring compliance with School, University and granting agency policies and procedures; review for proper completion all grant-related forms, oversee and ensure the timely preparation, review and submission of proposals. Collaborate with School of Social Work leadership as opportunities and issues of grant management arise both pre and post award.  Work with the School and University to develop and implement strong service contracting procedures.

• Administer state and federal grants and contracts in compliance with University and agency guidelines and policies; oversee the development of budgets for new and continued grant proposal applications and contribute to and/or review budget justifications; sign off on GC1 forms as division reviewer; serve as liaison with agency, project, and grants officers on fiscal issues.

• Manage use of SDRG’s approximately 11,000 square feet of leased space, including space and equipment analyses and facilities modification; allocate office space in accordance with SDRG policies.  Serve as primary contact for the unit with the UW Real Estate Office in conjunction with the School of Social Work; approve leases and renovations.  Approve computing hardware and software purchases and assignments on recommendation from Information Technology staff.    

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Expiration Date: 
March 31, 2019