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Healthy Youth Survey input requested - extended to May 15

The Healthy Youth Survey (HYS) Planning Committee has begun the process to review and potentially revise the HYS questions for 2020, and are requesting your input and feedback. There are multiple opportunities to provide input outlined in the attached letter. If you have questions, please contact

Healthy Youth Survey workshops to be held statewide

Washington State Healthy Youth Survey 2019 Workshops

  • Learn what students said about themselves, their school, family and community
  • Learn to interpret and communicate the HYS results
  • Learn how to use the HYS website and access your HYS data

Training will include small group activities. You are encouraged to bring your laptop to access your HYS data. Registration information in attached flier.


12th Grade Marijuana Use - 2012 HYS

10th Grade Marijuana Use - 2012 HYS

8th Grade Marijuana Use - 2012 HYS

6th Grade Marijuana Use - 2012 HYS