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Coalition Bylaws - Voting & Membership

Hi all,

I was wondering if any of you would be willing to share copies of your coalition bylaws? Specifically, we are interested in how other coalitions have defined "active" membership and "voting" members.

We are a Cohort 6 coalition, and while we have a solid bylaw draft document. However, there have been issues recently in several other local groups around membership and voting (i.e. special interests bringing multiple people to a meeting to stack the deck when a specific issue is being voted on). 

We are looking for sample language that clearly defines who can vote, while being mindful of not making it so exclusive that the community feels that they do not have a voice. 

Feel free to share here, or contact me directly.

Thank you in advance,

Elysia Spencer

Coordinator, Shadle Prevention & Wellness Coalition (Spokane, WA) / 509.703.2924 

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