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Cultural awareness: Understanding, insight and communication

For all levels and professions engaging with tribes—individually or at the organizational level, from beginner to advanced. This half-day intensive mixes lively lecture with easy participant exercises leading toward an integrated tool set for real-world Tribal engagement.

Course Content: Participants will gain understanding and insights to enhance their cross cultural communication. This interactive course introduces key historical, cultural, and communicative concepts relevant to any type of Tribal relations. Topics range from the basics of Tribal Nations and Native Communities to advanced topics like Federalism, Historical Trauma, and Adaptive Cultural Communication. Participants will apply both simple and complex topics in easy exercises, gaining tools they can immediately apply in their work with Tribes. Participants learn and conduct step-by-step assessments of Native communities and of their own communication style for insights leading to positive cultural immersion and engagement. Participants gain and apply formulas and outlined process for this transformative work. MCLE & CE eligible. View the Course Agenda HERE.

WHERE: Zoom WHEN: May 5, Noon - 5:00pm PST COST: $225 until 4/22 INSTRUCTOR: Robert Harper, JD, MA, MA

Date and Time: 
May 5, 2020 - 12:00pm to 5:00pm