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Drive-Thru Take Back Events?

Hello! Has anyone had any success with a drive-thru take back event? If so, what was your set up like? How did you do it? What went well? What would you change?

Thank you in advance! 

BSparkle- Dec 11, 2020 11:31 AM Reply

Hey, Krirsten! 

I know you wrote this a few months ago but in case it is useful for you or anyone else for the next take back event, I just wanted to pop in. 

We used a drive through event for ours this year and it worked so well that I think I want to do that always going forward. It really felt like it took away one more barrier for people to not even have to get out of their car, much less go into a police station (which can be intimidating for some). We set up at our YMCA parking lot and had one table for information on the coalition and lockboxes and such, and then another table for our local sheriffs to collect the medication at. We were lucky enough to have a beautiful day, if cold. I got a couple of volunteers from our local high school and they helped me hand out information. 

Honestly the only thing I would change is that the Y parking lot was pretty large and it was not as intuitive to people which way to go as I wished, so we had a lot of cars kinda all over the place? I think for the April event I will probably use more signs and also perhaps some chalk or paint or something to make sure there are really clear instructions for people on which way to go. 

But overall it was a big success! :)