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Local regional and state prevention contacts

Below is a searchable database of local, regional and state contacts of professionals that work in publicly funded prevention agencies, organizations and programs. We hope you will find this to be a useful resource. We have done our best to keep this information up to date. Please feel free to edit update your contact information. To request a change to another person's information, please email the Athena Team.
Name County Organization
Jodie Desbiens Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish, Whatcom NWESD 189
Jessica Deutsch Spokane ESD 101
AnaMaria Diaz Martinez Franklin Washington State University Extension
Sabrina DiGennaro Thurston Health Care Authority
Julia Dilley Thurston Multnomah County Health Department/Oregon Health Authority
Laura Dixon Columbia Columbia County Public Health
Chestina Dominguez Yakima White Swan Community Coalition
Jennifer Dorsett Franklin WA Traffic Safety Commission/Hidden In Plain Sight and PSCBW
Michelle Dower Clallam, Jefferson, Kitsap Olympic ESD 114
Deb Drandoff Clark, Cowlitz, Klickitat ESD 112
Laurie Dretke Stevens S.T.O.P. Springdale Together On Prevention
Susannah Dunlap Lopez Island Family Resource Center (LIFRC)
Susan Dunthorne Skagit Upper Skagit Indian Tribe
Mary Dussol Thurston Washington State Department of Health
Chelsey Eaton Columbia Columbia County Public Health
Antonio Edwards Thurston DBHR
Suni Eisenberg Whatcom Communities in Schools of Whatcom-Skagit
Lauren Fearns Skagit United General District 304
Erina Foote Pierce Bethel Community Services
Chanel Ford Stevens Spokane Tribal Network
Kate Foster Whatcom WSU extension Whatcom Strengthening Families
Nick Fradkin Washington State Department of Health
Amanda Franke Snohomish Snohomish County Human Services
Derek Franklin King Mercer Island Youth and Family Services
Allie Friese Pacific Boys & Girls Club of the Long Beach Peninsula
Kirsten Fuchs Spokane ESD 101
Joe Fuller Whatcom Whatcom County Health Department
Colleen Fullmer Snohomish WSU Extension
Angie Funaiole Thurston DBHR
Pamila Gant King MENTOR Washington
Annette Garner Clark UNITE!
Rudy Garza King PSESD
Anasha Gates Klickitat C-PAKC
Deborah Gauck Ellensburg School District
Sigrid Gauger Asotin Clarkston EPIC
Joy Germanos VA
Steve Giesen Snohomish North Everett Coalition
Bonnie Gillispie Skamania Skamania County Community Health
Jennifer Giuntini Thurston Health Care Authority
Meghan Goldenberger Thurston TOGETHER!