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Mandated consultation: Relational strategies for rules and regs

For any level of professional navigating mandated requirements to consult with Tribes. Professionals working with any variety of complex regs —from NEPA, NAGPRA, or ICWA to more intricate issues like civil jurisdiction and treaty rights, you will find valuable tools in this course. This half-day intensive combines live lecture with hands-on exercises.

Morning Lectures: This course gives invaluable strategies adaptable to any variety of mandated consultation requirements. Participants will learn the three varieties of mandated consultation, specific conventional approaches for each, and a single strategy addressesing them all. Lectures simplify difficult legal and regulatory issues into clear categories, triggers, and planning solutions. Participants will not spend the day grinding through difficult federal codes or the latest cases. Instead, they will learn and apply simple strategies applicable to any type of consultation issue. Content emphasizes the three proven relational strategies and communication practices that are the hallmarks of successful Government-to-Government (G2G) consultation with Tribes. Participants will identify, learn, and apply these tools, and be ready to transform their own work with mandated consultation. These dramatically improve consultation outcomes, often beyond required standards, while significantly reducing costs and risk. MCLE & CE Eligible. View the Course Agenda HERE.

WHERE: Zoom WHEN: May 7, Noon - 5:00pm PST COST: $225 until 4/22 INSTRUCTOR: Robert Harper, JD, MA, MA

Date and Time: 
May 7, 2020 - 12:00pm to 5:00pm