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August 25, 2017

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The Washington State Department of Health has begun promoting a Youth Suicide Awareness campaign called Start a Convo, Safe a Life.

The DOH learned from high school students that it’s difficult to reach out to friends or classmates who seem depressed, hopeless, or unusually angry to ask them if they are thinking about suicide.  The goal of Start a Convo, Save a Life campaign is to help students know that it is okay, even necessary, to start that conversation.

High School Cafeteria Event
As part of this campaign, High School Cafeteria Events will be held.  For this event, printouts of text messages are posted throughout the cafeteria so that students can engage with them during lunch time. There are two kinds of printouts for the event: one set shows messages that students might receive from friends who are at-risk and the other set is possible conversation starters. The printouts can be used in conjunction with posters in hallways and restrooms.

See the attached for additional information, including no cost materials and resources.

If you are interested in holding a high school cafeteria youth suicide prevention awareness event, contact Sigrid Reinert at or (360) 236-2843.

August 11, 2017

The Combined block grants for Mental Health and Substance Abuse require that we post the application on our website for public comment.

Click the link below to open up a copy of the Unified Block Grant:          
FFY18-19 WA State Unified Block Grant Application


Please forward questions and comments to:


August 2, 2017


Coaches, teachers, parents and healthcare providers play a critical role in in the development of active and healthy lifestyles of teens.  These lifestyles, in turn, enhance youth performance and success in sports, school, career and life. 


What are the building blocks of an active, healthy and high-performance youth lifestyle?  They consist of key behaviors that need to be increased, some that must be avoided, and effective communication strategies adults should use to help youth achieve positive growth in their lives. 


The key behaviors that need to be increased for youth to live a fit, healthy and successful life are: 1) participating in regular physical activity and sports, 2) eating healthy foods, 3) getting adequate sleep, and 4) controlling stress.


It is not enough, however, to just increase these four health, fitness and performance-enhancing habits.  Teens also need to avoid risky behaviors that sabotage their wellness and fitness goals, especially harmful substance use including alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other illicit drug consumption.


The good news is there are proven, effective communication strategies coaches, teachers, parents and health professionals can use to motivate and empower teens to live highly active, productive, healthy, and happy lives. 


Below I’ll discuss the 6 keys for improving the health and performance of youth who do (and those who don’t) participate in school sports.


Read more:



August 2, 2017


Tuesday August 22nd, 12:00pm ET/9:00am PT


1-hour duration




1.   Describe why Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs are critical to youth health, fitness and performance in sports, school and life.  


2.   List the program, training and materials options offered at Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC.


3.   Explain the key components, outcomes and uses of the evidence-based SPORT PPW and InShape PPW programs.


Register today, limited seating:


To inquire: 904-472-5022.


Please share this important information with others in your area and state.  Thank you.


July 28, 2017

As you may know, the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (DBHR) is funding a public education campaign that will launch in September to encourage safe use, safe storage and safe disposal of opioids. 

As a partner in preventing substance misuse and abuse we are asking for your participation in a 20-minute phone interview.  The purpose is to gather your insights and recommendations about the types of campaign resources that will be most useful for tribal and community-based prevention organizations. Participation is optional.

We are working with Desautel Hege (DH) an independent market research and communications firm, to develop and launch this campaign.  To participate, click the link below and provide your contact information so DH can contact you. Please provide this information by Friday, August 4th.

As an expert on this issue, your input is very valuable to us.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.  We appreciate your time and your insight.

For questions related to this project or recruitment, please contact Billy Reamer by telephone at (360) 725-3782 or via email at


July 28, 2017

This message is to announce a FREE facilitator training opportunity from the American Lung Association in Washington. Trainings provide certification in Not On Tobacco program to help teens quit smoking or the Freedom From Smoking program for adult smoking cessation. We hope you can join us.

Please note: Washington residents register free with discount code: freereg


Requirement: It is the policy of the American Lung Association that

Facilitators be tobacco free (including use of electronic cigarettes)

in order to conduct the program.

Trainings will be held at the Spokane Regional Health District

Please share with this opportunity with anyone that might be interested in becoming certified to lead smoking cessation groups in the community for teens or adults. For questions, I can be contacted directly at or by phone (206) 512-3291 for more information.

July 20, 2017


The most effective way to prevent substance use and promote active and healthy lifestyles among youth and young adults is to implement an evidence-based program that has been shown to successfully integrate prevention with fitness.


There are two programs listed on the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) that are proven to prevent substance use like alcohol and marijuana use, and even cigarette smoking, while also increasing physical activity. 


Since these two programs are screening and brief interventions, they are the only two integrated programs in the country that can quickly, easily and cost-effectively reduce risky substance use habits and improve wellness in a single-setting. 


The two prevention and fitness integrated programs are the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program for children through high school-aged adolescents, and the InShape Prevention Plus Wellness program for college-aged young adults.


Below is a description of 3 strategies for implementing the SPORT and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness programs in nearly any setting with any youth population.




July 20, 2017


The SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Online Program is an easy-to-use e-learning adaptation of the single-session evidence-based prevention with wellness program for professionals and parents who want to promote active, healthy and substance-abuse free lifestyles among youth. 


The SPORT PPW Online Program is a self-paced and self-study program found online anywhere and anytime.  It comes with a printable course completion certificate. 


Let us help you implement the only evidence-based screening and brief interventions linking substance use prevention with fitness and health promotion to your youth.       


Program evaluation data may be available for groups of participants upon completing the program. 


Check it out today for your organization for free:


Just type in the code word: “Online”.


Good through July 2017.


Call for more information: 904-472-5022, or email us your questions:




Please share this important information with others in your region and state.  Thank you!


June 30, 2017

If you are looking for the website related to Certified Prevention Professionals (CPP), it is not currently available. The Prevention Specialist Certification Board of Washington (PSCBW)  is launching a new, improved website. In the meanwhile, feel free to contact Gunthild Sondhi via email,, or by phone at 509-937-2002, for any questions and to request application forms, etc.

Also, note that the PSCBW does not have any scheduled trainings. We hope to have a contract to be able to offer the Washington State Substance Abuse Prevention System Training (WA-SAPST) sometime in the Fall 2017.

June 5, 2017

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) recently updated its dashboard-style report that includes snapshots of frequently requested marijuana data. The new Marijuana Report is more automated than the previous iteration. Users will see new visualizations and have greater access to the data that powers those visualizations.

A list of features:

·         Data fields – Enhanced data points to provide more information. Instead of static numbers, customers can now see those numbers broken out into greater detail and visualized. In addition users also have access to the datasets that are powering these visualizations for even greater detail.

·         Automation – The former report required manual updating by WSLCB staff. The new one automates much of that work, reducing opportunities for error and frees up staff time.

·         Customizable – Customers can manipulate the underlying data to create their own visualizations

·         Update Cadence – Now that the industry is maturing with less data variation week to week the agency will be cutting back on update frequency, this new report will be updated mid-month to reflect the previous month’s data.

·         Future Improvements – This report will continue to evolve over time. The agency is mid-way through a modernization of its licensing and enforcement systems. As we modernize our internal systems there will be better data to draw from.

The Marijuana Report is posted within the “Frequently Requested Lists” section of the WSLCB website. This section includes a variety of regularly updated marijuana data including lists of all marijuana license applicants, certified labs, approved infused products and other information. While the report will still be located in the same spot it will have a new address so be sure to update your bookmarks.