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Pre-Trial Services Officer

Pre-Trial Services Officer

$27.29 Hourly
City of Las Vegas, NV
Job Type
Municipal Court
Job Number
3/18/2019 11:59 PM Pacific

About the Position

Career Opportunity
The city of Las Vegas is accepting applications for Pre-Trial Services Officer. This position is responsible for processing criminal arrest information, including interviewing defendants, researching criminal history, confirming identity and aliases, verifying statutory and municipal bail requirements, scheduling court dates and making determination on recognizance release eligibility or detention; and also serves as the court's liaison with all outside custody holders.

The ideal candidate will have knowledge and experience in the criminal justice system. Success in this position depends on the ability to work closely with Municipal Court Judges, law enforcement within the City of Las Vegas and other state and local law enforcement jurisdictions.

Do you meet the minimum requirements?
To qualify for this position you must have at least 2 years of experience in criminal justice, counseling, social work, substance abuse counseling, psychology or closely relate field AND bachelor's degree in criminal justice, counseling, psychology, behavioral sciences, social science or closely related field.

I have experience, but no degree. Can I still qualify?
If you do not have one of the required degrees, you will need 8 years of experience in criminal justice, counseling, social work, substance abuse counseling, psychology or closely relate field to qualify.

Is there any certificate or training required?
There are no certificates or training required at the time of application, but obtaining the applicable level of NCIC/NCJIS certification or training within 6 months of the date of appointment is required. Maintaining this proficiency as needed is expected.

Application Details
Applicants should fully describe, for each applicable employer, their qualifications and experience, with specific reference to each of the minimum qualifications and essential functions found in the job posting.

Notice of Special Requirements
The Pre-Trial Services unit operates 20 hours, 7 days per week.  Assigned work schedule may change and individuals may be required to work any shift and any day of the week.

Notice of Examination
A civil service examination will be conducted in accordance with the Civil Service Rules of the city of Las Vegas. The supplemental questions are the examination.  Falsification of information may result in disqualification from a recruitment or removal from a City position. Additional information will not be accepted after the closing date. The supplemental questions are weighted 100% for placement on an eligible list, and must be worked on individually by the applicant only. The supplemental questions of all qualified applicants will be reviewed for placement on an eligible list.
Selection Process
Final candidate selection will include list placement and may include hiring interview (if applicable). Any individual offered employment will be required to pass a pre-employment drug test, complete background check, education and experience verification, and may be required to demonstrate the ability to perform the physical requirements of the job." Some positions may require preliminary background checks.



Essential Functions:

  1. Interviews defendants charged with misdemeanor offenses, which may occur in a detention facility; verifies responses and references;  queries local and national criminal history databases and confirms defendants' identity and aliases; evaluates criminal history of defendants and information gathered from interview against established guidelines; determines if defendants meet specified guidelines to be released from custody on their own recognizance or must be held for court; determines bail amount; and processes any additional pending cases.
  2. Ensures compliance with federal, state and local mandates as it relates to risk assessment, timely hearings, no bond/bail releases, bail settings, probable cause reviews, and competency related processes for in-custody defendants.
  3. Coordinates the in-custody competency review process; communicates approved release terms  as appropriate.
  4. Schedules court dates; prepares and submits statistics and written and oral reports to the court; recommends special conditions of release if appropriate; prepares and authorizes court release documentation.
  5. Reviews release requirements with defendant, third party custodians and family members to assure full understanding of the conditions and obligations of release and the consequences of non-compliance with those conditions.
  6. Responds to inquiries regarding defendants or other cases in a courteous manner; assists judges, court staff and other personnel in locating records and information; resolves complaints and issues in an efficient and timely manner.
  7. Verifies warrants; ensures warrant confirmation requests are processed within the predetermined time frame.
  8. Determines appropriate schedules for follow-up and performs follow-up contact with defendants; ensures defendants are adhering to conditions of release and/or surrender requirements; notifies judges of noncompliance to terms of release.
  9. Maintains a variety of automated and manual logs, records and files; processes a variety of forms and documentation; verifies documents for accuracy and compliance with applicable standards and specifications.
  10. Communicates with other law enforcement and related agencies to share and obtain information.

Marginal Functions:

  1. Coordinates the transportation of defendants between court and local jails.
  2. Participates in the development and drafting of unit policies and procedures.
  3. Performs related duties and responsibilities as required.





Two years of increasingly responsible experience in criminal justice, counseling, social work, substance abuse counseling, psychology or a closely related field.


Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with a major in criminal justice, counseling, psychology, behavioral or social sciences, social work or a closely related field.

May substitute combination of equivalent education and related experience.  The city assesses 1.5 years of fulltime relevant experience as equivalent to one year of education.
License or Certificate:

Must obtain applicable level of NCIC/NCJIS certification and/or training within 6 months of the date of appointment and maintain proficiency as needed.

Special Requirements:

The Pre-Trial Services unit operates 19.5 hours, seven days per week.  Assigned work schedule may change and may be for any shift and any day of the week.




Knowledge of:

General principles and practices of the criminal justice system.
Interviewing methods and techniques.
Basic symptoms and indications of substance abuse, emotional problems and suicidal tendencies.
Basic principles of human behavior.
Community social service agencies and resources.
Techniques and principles of record keeping.
Principles of business letter writing and basic report preparation.
English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation.
Basic mathematical principles.
Modern office procedures, methods and computer equipment.
Common office software programs.
Pertinent federal, state and local laws, codes and regulations.

Skills in:

Using initiative and independent judgment within established guidelines.
Learning the operations, services and activities of a pre-trial defendant release program.
Learning the principles and practices of the criminal justice system as they relate to pre-trial release and supervision.
Interpreting, explaining and enforcing department policies and procedures.
Observing and recognizing indications of mental health problems and substance abuse.
Interacting effectively with defendants, family members, and professional criminal justice system personnel.
Presenting a non-judgmental demeanor toward and concerning defendants, their families, and other involved parties.
Responding to stressful situations calmly, quickly and decisively.
Working without direct supervision.
Making responsible, independent decisions.
Understanding and following oral and written instructions.
Communicating clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
Maintaining mental capacity which allows for effective interaction and communications with others.


Core Workforce Competencies

Professionalism – Demonstrates core values by being honest, respectful and positive.

Effective Communication – Expresses verbal and written thought in a clear and understandable manner.

Customer Focus – Demonstrates genuine concern and satisfies external and/or internal customers based on the CLV core purpose and values.

Adaptability – Able to effectively modify behavior to suit changing workforce demands.

Problem Solving – Solves problems by considering all causes, solutions and outcomes.

Productive Partnerships – Develops, maintains and strengthens partnerships with others.

Technical and Safety Expertise – Possesses a depth of knowledge, skill and ability in a technical (job) area.




    LVCEA Compensation and Benefits - 2019


Annual Base Pay Increases

  • Negotiated as part of the collective bargaining process.
  • Step (Merit) Increase – typically awarded on the anniversary date of hire, up to range maximum.


Uniform Allowance

  • Available for some classifications.

Tool/Equipment Allowance

  • Available for some classifications.


  • Benefit eligible employees participate in the Public Employees' Retirement System of Nevada (PERS). PERS, a statewide defined benefit plan, calculates retirement benefits based on 2.25 percent (current percentage for employees hired 7/1/15 and after) for each year of service, applied to the employee's highest consecutive 36-month average salary.  PERS also requires that employees share 50 percent of the PERS contribution, which is implemented by reducing the City's salary ranges. The highest consecutive 36-month average salary is increased commensurate with the salary range reductions required by PERS.

Deferred Compensation

  • The city offers a 457(b) Plan which is a government deferred compensation plan similar to a 401(k) plan. It offers both pre-tax and after-tax savings and investment options.

Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance

  • Employees are covered the first of the month following date of employment. Six medical plans, two dental and two vision plans are available. City pays 100% of employee premium + 50% of dependent premium.

Life and AD&D Insurance

  • City provides $20,000 policies at no cost.
  • Additional voluntary life insurance and AD&D insurance available for purchase.

Disability Insurance

  • City provides a long term disability policy:
    •  LTD: Employees who normally work at least 30 hours/week are eligible. Benefits begin after 90 days of disability. Payment is up to 60% of earnings, up to $11,000/month, and may not be supplemented with sick or vacation.

Tuition Reimbursement

Employee Assistance Program


  • Employees covered by a City health plan and their covered spouse and dependents over age 18 are eligible for a comprehensive wellness physical exam annually at no cost to them at WellTrac.

VACATION (Hours/Year)

  • Year 1-2: 80 hours
  • Years 3-7: 120 hours
  • Years 8-10: 128 hours
  • Years 11-15: 180 hours
  • Year 16 and over: 200 hours
  • Maximum accrual: 250 hours, if hired after 12/3/2014
  • Sell-back: Up to 60 hours each year; must leave a balance of 40 hours in leave bank.


  • City provides 11 paid holidays plus (4) four hours for a birthday holiday.


  • Sick Leave: 104 hours per year
  • Sick Leave Bonus: Negotiated sick leave bonus
  • Maximum Accrual: 420 hours, if hired after 12/3/2014
  • Payout at Separation: After 5 years of service, 50% of vested hours up to cap; after 20 years of service or more, 100% of vested hours up to cap.


  • Available for purchase - retiree pays full cost of premiums.

NOTE:   Benefits subject to change
Revised 01/2019


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. If selected for this position you are required to obtain the applicable level of NCIC/NCJIS certification and/or training within six (6) months of the date of appointment and maintain proficiency as needed.
  • i have read and understand the above statement.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. The Pre-Trial Services unit operates 20 hours, seven (7) days per week. Assigned work schedule may change and may be for any shift and any day of the week.
  • i have read and understand the above statement.
SKILL ASSESSMENT. Please describe any case management systems and criminal justice databases you have worked with (e.g. NCIC, NCJIS, JLINK, SCOPE, Motorola Premier One, OffenderTrack, Odyssey). Include any other software programs you have used in the performance of your current and past work duties.
SKILL ASSESSMENT. Please list all languages you speak fluently.
TEST INSTRUCTIONS. The following supplemental questionnaire is the Civil Service Exam for this position and will be used to determine your exam score. The supplemental questionnaire and the Application are administered as two separate documents. The application is used to determine if the minimum qualifications are met. The supplemental questions will be used to determine your exam score. In order to receive every consideration in the process, you must complete all questions with concise but detailed answers and provide all requested information. Each answer will be scored separately. References such as "See Resume" will not be scored.
  • I have read and understand the above instructions.
EXAM QUESTION. Describe your ability to plan and organize assignments in order to create timely, accurate work products, while working efficiently, remaining focused, and handling interruptions effectively.
EXAM QUESTION. This position requires frequent contact with the Municipal Court Judges regarding in-custody persons and will require written and oral documentation and reports for the Judges. Describe your experience in documenting research results and preparing reports.
EXAM QUESTION. Describe the steps you take to foster teamwork and support among your co-workers and work teams.
EXAM QUESTION. Describe your work experience interacting effectively with defendants, other professional criminal justice system personnel, and local law enforcement.
EXAM QUESTION. Describe your experience and ability to work without direct or limited supervision, and making responsible, independent decisions.

Required Question


City of Las Vegas


495 S. Main Street

Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101


(702) 229-6315

Expiration Date:: 
March 18, 2019