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This is Quitting Social Media Content for COVID-19

As a follow-up to the original post regarding our work with the Truth Initiative ( here are some tailored social media messages to use during this time:


truth® takes a "peer-to-peer" approach in its work that lets young people be encouraged to quit smoking or vaping by their peers. This is Quitting is powered by truth and is also primarily geared toward youth. However, our research has found that when adults try to spread a quitting message directly to youth it does not have the intended result — and that's especially true when it comes to vaping. For that reason, we have created separate messaging for the two age groups.

If your social following skews younger, we ask that you use the “youth and young adults” messaging. If your following is primarily comprised of adults, please use the “adults” messaging.


Youth and young adults

  • Times are hard right now, but we still have your back. Quitting now may be more important than ever. Text VAPEFREEWA to 88709 for instant support for cravings and motivation.

  • Stuck at home with your parents and desperately trying to quit? Text VAPEFREEWA to 88709 for free, confidential support to help you quit vaping.

  • Out of pods and finding it tougher than you thought? Text VAPEFREEWA to 88709 for free, anonymous texts to help you get through it.

  • Dominick says that being quarantined because of COVID has helped him stay off his JUUL.Why not use this time as an excuse to quit? Text VAPEFREEWA to 88709.

  • Even if it feels harder than you thought it would be, you CAN quit vaping. Join 150,000+ others quitting with This is Quitting – text VAPEFREEWA to 88709.


  • Now that your child is home more, have you noticed them vaping? Encourage them to get support to quit by texting VAPEFREEWA to 88709.

  • Worried your child is struggling with not having vape supplies anymore? They can get free support to quit by texting VAPEFREEWA to 88709.

  • Does your teen or college student seem more moody, anxious or stressed? If you suspect it’s related to quitting vaping, free supportive texts can help. They can text VAPEFREEWA to 88709.

  • If your child is worried about the health effects of vaping, let them know they can get support in quitting by texting VAPEFREEWA to 88709.