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"Start a Convo, Save a Life" Youth Suicide Awareness Campaign Launched

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The Washington State Department of Health has begun promoting a Youth Suicide Awareness campaign called Start a Convo, Safe a Life.

The DOH learned from high school students that it’s difficult to reach out to friends or classmates who seem depressed, hopeless, or unusually angry to ask them if they are thinking about suicide.  The goal of Start a Convo, Save a Life campaign is to help students know that it is okay, even necessary, to start that conversation.

High School Cafeteria Event
As part of this campaign, High School Cafeteria Events will be held.  For this event, printouts of text messages are posted throughout the cafeteria so that students can engage with them during lunch time. There are two kinds of printouts for the event: one set shows messages that students might receive from friends who are at-risk and the other set is possible conversation starters. The printouts can be used in conjunction with posters in hallways and restrooms.

See the attached for additional information, including no cost materials and resources.

If you are interested in holding a high school cafeteria youth suicide prevention awareness event, contact Sigrid Reinert at or (360) 236-2843.