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State Opioid Response Treatment Manager

This poisition will:

  • Oversee the development, implementation, and management of assigned opioid-related projects/initiatives.
  • Ensure the DBHR HCA is in compliance with all contractual requirements and expectations of federal oversight (SAMHSA) and all pertinent statutes, regulations, and policies.
  • Make policy recommendations based on data and outcome measures that show results or promise in improving treatment outcomes for individuals with an opioid use disorder (OUD); and that maximize the prudent use of limited taxpayer dollars.
  • Prepare and submit timely project reports to WA-SOR Program Director.
  • Organize, schedule, and provide assistance to the WA-SOR Advisory Group.
  • Prepare and support semi-annual reports to SAMHSA regarding the status of the WA-SOR grant.
  • Participate in SAMHSA webinars and meetings relevant to WA-SOR.
  • Author the annual continuation application for the WA-SOR grant’s treatment components.
  • Provide contract management.

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Expiration Date:: 
February 14, 2019