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Virtual Coalition Orientation

Hello everyone, 

Does anyone have any experience with virtual coalition orientation? Our coalition will continue to have virtual Zoom meetings until they feel comfortable meeting in person, which may mean we will conduct our October orientation virtually. If you have done this, or plan to, what went well? What do you have planned? 

Thanks in advance! 

Isaac Wulff- Feb 01, 2021 03:08 PM Reply

Hello Kirsten,

I know you have already had your orientation, but in case you still want to hear it, I thought I would share what I have heard from the coordinators I work with who have had similar events. I have heard of orientations that were as large as 8 people, but also ones as small as one-on-one, and in general for the virtual version the smaller ones seemed to go better. In a virtual meeting, especially one where you don't have much idea of what's going on, people tend to "check out" if something is too complex. Coalition work can get pretty complex from time to time, so it seems like a virtual meeting of just 2 to 4 people seems to hold attention and allow for more questions, which is where most of the real learning occurs. 

I am glad you asked this though, because I think a good orientation is super critical to coalition capacity and growth, and the pandemic has been especially unkind to these kinds of coalition activities. I am curious to know how yours went in October, and I hope we can all continue to learn from each other in these uncertain times of growth and change. 


Isaac Wulff (he/him) - DBHR PSM