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Webinar: Be a champion for prevention: Marijuana policy in the time of COVID-19

During our Pacific Southwest Listening Sessions for Prevention Practitioners on doing prevention during the COVID-19 pandemic, a concern that was frequently raised was about local and state marijuana policies and regulations shifting to accommodate businesses during COVID-19 restrictions without public health considerations. Some of the questions raised during these sessions included concerns about the increased availability of marijuana in the COVID-19 environment. Others expressed concern about marijuana dispensaries being deemed essential businesses by state leaders. Many were concerned that these new practices will contribute to increased substance misuse and continue beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

To respond to these concerns, we are holding this important discussion session with experts in this area. If you share these concerns, please join us to learn how YOU can be a champion for prevention!

  1. Registration will be limited and you will be asked to submit your discussion topic/concerns in advance. 
  2. Facilitators will moderate a dialogue with participants with the goal of identifying a cohort of participants who are willing to serve as champions who can mobilize their communities and disseminate information to their stakeholders and through their networks. 
  3. Following the discussion event, the Pacific Southwest PTTC will convene ongoing Community of Practice (COP) calls with champions identified to continue the dialogue.
Date and Time: 
May 26, 2020 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm