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Webinar: Creating safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments for kids

ACE's and Resilience Learning Network: Creating Safe, Stable and Nurturing Relationships and Environment for All Kids

We are excited to announce Washington State Essentials for Childhood is launching a series of lunchtime webinar series.

Connection Saves Lives: Whatcom Youth Wellbeing

Presented by: Kristi Slette, M.Ed., Lisa Moulds, M.A., Danielle Humphreys, and Wil Henkel

In Whatcom County, Whatcom Family & Community Network (WFCN), through programming of Whatcom Prevention Coalition (WPC) will share the lived experience of addressing and promoting youth mental wellbeing and suicide prevention. The M.A.D.-H.O.P.E. (Making a Difference – Helping Other People Everywhere) Youth Suicide Prevention program, a partnership with WFCN, Bellingham Public Schools, Whatcom County Health Department and WPC was created with youth to address youth mental wellbeing through peer to peer interaction. Across nine years, M.A.D.-H.O.P.E. has developed curriculum for middle and high school youth and community audiences. In our work, we believe that “Connection Saves Lives!” ( ).

In 2019, WFCN was selected as one of five national pilot sites for the National Council on Behavioral Health’s (NCBH) Connected! Project. Connected! Focuses on youth engagement to address youth mental wellbeing peer to peer. Three Whatcom County young adults serve at national youth influencers as WFCN works to better engage youth in breaking down stigma, and providing resources and supports, especially for underserved youth who identify with four target populations: Rural youth, Native American youth, LQBTQ+ Youth and Hispanic/Latino youth.

In this session, the WPC/ M.A.D.-H.O.P.E. and Connected Team share about county-wide efforts to grow community capacity and find solutions to the need for mental wellbeing supports as well as innovative youth-led efforts in school and community settings that open up new opportunities for resilience and hope for youth.

Date and Time: 
May 12, 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm