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Webinar: Suicide prevention in schools - part 3

This webinar will introduce participants to the evidence-based Signs of Suicide (SOS) program for middle and high schools. SOS educates teens on warning signs of depression and suicide and teaches them how to support themselves or a friend using ACT: Acknowledge, Care and Tell. SOS includes a vital screening component in order to help school student services staff identify at-risk youth and link them to needed services. Participants will also learn about a local organization, Elyssa’s Mission, and their approach to funding and implementing the SOS program in more than200 Illinois schools.

Director of Education at Elyssa’s Mission, Jodie’s primary task is assisting area-wide middle and high schools to implement the Signs of Suicide (SOS) program, an evidence-based suicide prevention program that teaches students how to recognize the warning signs of suicide and seek out needed help from a trusted adult. In addition to providing hands-on support to those staff members implementing SOS, Jodie further facilitates all-staff training sessions, as well as presentations for parents, in order to help these groups identify and support at-risk youth. Jodie is no stranger to preventative efforts, or to working with schools, families and community organizations. She began her career as a school social worker, where she implemented a range of programs designed to foster resiliency in students and strengthen their support systems. Before joining Elyssa’s Mission in 2011, Jodie spent six years as an assistant principal at both the elementary and middle school level

Date and Time: 
July 25, 2019 - 9:00am to 10:30am