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Webinar: Trauma-informed workplaces: Practice applications in equity, empathy, and employee development

Building a more compassionate workplace can feel overwhelming. After researching best practices and employee experiences for the last five years, Toby and Delena have found some emerging practices that can change the way people show up at work. We call it “Human at Work”. This webinar will help participants understand what trauma-informed approaches might begin to look like when applied to workplace policy, management, and employee experience.

Prior to the webinar, participants are invited to take the no-cost Human at Work Snapshot Survey and discover how their results compare to other employers across the six core domains.


  • Delena Meyer, Owner and Strategist, Way Enough Decision Coaching - Delena brings more than two decades of expertise and application in the fields of public health, prevention, and human services. Her uncanny ability to blend vulnerability and humor into the hardest of subjects and her commitment to bringing the research of social determinants of health, ACEs, and trauma-informed approaches into the mainstream makes her unique in her field. Whether she’s leading a workshop to help others get up to speed on these important subjects, securing funding for great programs, or offering valuable perspective and guidance for business leaders, Delena is a fierce advocate of trauma-informed communication, connection, and practice across all sectors.
  • Toby Lucich, Managing Partner and Founder, Kinetic Health - One of Toby's many talents is finding patterns where others don't see them. Recombining data and expert insights to improved patient (or employee, or stakeholder) experiences has long been a part of Toby's work in organizations. Early work at Southwest Washington Medical Center focused on understanding the value of improved patient experiences, from process change initiatives, to scheduling design reviews, to technology-enabled patient and provider experiences. These early experiences sparked a passion for data-driven investments, as well as a deep appreciation for intentional communications and education as part of lasting change efforts. By founding Kinetic Health, Toby delivers measurable results to clients. Sure, he's good with words, but he's still a numbers guy at heart, and he studies his clients' numbers until patterns emerge that inform strategy and solutions. He's not happy until there's a meaningful, measurable change in the metrics that matter.
Date and Time: 
March 10, 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm