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Youth activist team panel

Archnova will be holding a panel on April 28 and they need to know about how many people will attend so they can reserve space. This is a great opportunity to hear from youth about the mental health recommendations and support they want. 

The youth activist team, called "Archnova" (two Latin and Greek roots combined meaning "New Beginnings") is hosting a panel on April 28th to speak about mental health and youth engagement.

Details are yet to be finalized but here is what you should know:
Day of the event: April 28th (Sunday)
Where: Downtown Seattle - Venue TBD (Based on the number of people attending)
When: An hour to an hour and a half sometime between 12pm and 3pm"

If you are interested in attending, please rsvp by Tuesday, April 16, so they have an estimate for a venue. Send rsvp's to Seika at

Date and Time: 
April 28, 2019 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm
Seattle, WA