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A bit of fun...

Hello All,

I was bored last weekend so I created a little document that combines two passions of mine; Prevention and Dungeons & Dragons. I have played D&D for over 30 years now, and I noticed the other day that in the latest version of the game there are 12 character classes, or kind of hero, available to play. You know what else there's 12 of? Community sectors. So I gave it some thought and matched up the 12 sectors with the 12 classes and put in a bit of justification for each. Many of these will only make sense if you play or are familiar with D&D, but it still might resonate if you simply like heroic fantasy fiction. Anyway, I have attached the file, so enjoy!


Isaac Wulff

Centralia Coaltion

P.S. You may have some suggestions for this and I welcome them! If you think I should swap some classes around or add some qualifiers I would love to hear about it. Ultimately I would like to colaborate with an artist (I can't draw!) and have these drawn up. I think it would be great to have them all together in a heroic pose, representing their fantasy and real-world counterparts. Any way you look at it, they are all heros. Gives me goosebumps...

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