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Interest in DITEP training?

Hey Fellow Coordinators,

I have contacted Sgt. Mark Crandall with the Washington State Patrol to see what the costs and logistics of DITEP training would be. DITEP stands for Drug Impairment Training for Education Proffesionals, and it's an environmental strategy designed to give school nurses and administrators the skills to verify with reasonable certainty that a student is under the influence. Too often I have seen in my work that a student is suspected of being high, they are searched, and nothing is found so no action is taken. DITEP gives the school a scientifically proven method of referring them for evaluation, and it could make a difference in the way these situations are handled.

I don't know of any coalitions that currently have used this training, but I would like to hear if there is one. Also, if others are interested in the training, then maybe I could get a count together for Sgt. Crandall. It's in our action plan, so we're going to get it done one way or the other. I don't have a quote on price yet, but I would guess that it would be cheaper if a few coalitions went in together on it. Right now I know Kittitas and Cowlitz Counties are also interested.


Isaac Wulff



aheikkila- Apr 05, 2019 03:29 PM Reply

GH may be interested