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Prevention system project manager

This position is responsible for planning and managing major prevention services projects including the responsibility to coordinate the Substance Abuse Prevention Treatment Block Grant application, coordinate reporting for all grants managed by the SUD Prevention and MH Promotion Team, and manage performance-based contracting reports for prevention services. This position serves as an integral part of the SUD Prevention and MH Promotion Section, responsible for high-level strategic planning based on subject area expertise to recommend the best options for enhancing service delivery and ensuring continued compliance with federal and state obligations. This position directly supports the HCA/DBHR's mission by developing policies, programs and strategies to integrate services which promote healthy lifestyles by preventing the misuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and promote positive mental health. Scope of the position:

  • Develop and administer statewide policies regarding the operation and use of the Prevention Management Information System (Prevention MIS).
  • Provide strategic direction regarding the design and implementation of statewide prevention projects.
  • Manage the SUD Prevention and MH Promotion Section's responses to requests for information to support applications and reporting related to state and federal funding sources.
  • Track the SUD Prevention and MH Promotion Section's priorities and contribute to strategic planning.

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Expiration Date: 
December 18, 2019