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Programs & practices for youth marijuana use prevention report

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In November 2012, Washington voters passed Initiative 502 (I-502) which established a system, overseen by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, to license, regulate, and tax the production, processing, and wholesale retail sales of marijuana. It created a dedicated marijuana fund (later renamed Dedicated Marijuana Account), consisting of excise taxes, license fees, penalties and forfeitures, and specifies the disbursement of this money for a variety of health, education, and research purposes with the remainder distributed to the state general fund. The Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (DBHR) is directed to implement substance abuse prevention and treatment programs using a disbursement of funding for implementation of Initiative 502 (I-502) as authorized in Chapter 4, Laws of 2015 (2nd Special Session); 2E2SHB 2136. This report describes DBHR's collaborative process to developing and evidence-based program list for the DMA funds.