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School Policy Review

I am interested in hearing from Coalitions who have had success in Policy Review as an environmental stategy. Our policy review team will be meeting soon and I really want to bring some new ideas and resources to the table if possible. 

Thanks in advance! 

Lauri Johnson 

South Whidbey School District 

Community Wellness Coalition Coordinator

General Discussion
IsaacWulff- Jul 11, 2019 08:11 AM Reply

Hey Lauri,

I was wondering how this is going. Out of curiousity I looked this up on the EBP list and it doesn't really specify what they mean, so I don't blame you for reaching out. We are also working on a policy review/change program, but not for CPWI. As part of our YMPEP grant from Department of Health, we are asking schools to change their policies on suspension for first offence of MJ possession since it's proven that isolating a kid after being caught just makes them more likely to use. Even starting those conversations has been really hard since we are a public health department and they are schools and how could we possibly know what they have to deal with, etc, etc. I think one thing that has been helpful is reaching out to schools that have already changed their policies and connecting a willing administrator directly with their admin team to answer questions. We are still in the early stages, but I will let you know how things go with that.

KirstenFuchs- Oct 22, 2019 01:51 PM Reply

I am also interested if anyone has any new ideas! We're forming our group out here in Spokane (East Valley) and looking to see how we can support our school district with some new resources and ideas for tackling the vaping issue!