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Useful Tools

Hello Fellow CPWI Coordinators and Minerva Users,

I am starting this thread as a way to share various tools and tricks that you have developed in doing this work. These could be tools that help with reporting, coalition development, meeting management, or any sundry tidbits which you find useful. I want to clarify that these tools are not "official" in any way, and if any DBHR staff sees a potential problem with the way a tool could interact with official systems, they are welcome to advise and/or pull the post off of here. I just thought it would be useful to have a place to share our collective functionality knowledge.


Isaac Wulff

Lewis County Public Health & Social Services

Morton UP and Centralia Coaltions.

IsaacWulff- Feb 26, 2019 11:56 AM Reply

Hello Again,

As the first offering, I would like to share a very simple Excel spreadsheet that I created to track my coordinator hours. This does not provide a definition of what each Minerva hours category represents, it only allows you to enter your hours for each day of a given month, then observe the totals of those hours at the bottom. 



(UPDATE: After much looking around, I was unable to locate an "Attach File" button to comments, so I haven't included my Excel file. The original post will allow me to attach files, but that defeats the purpose of all of us contributing something we created to the effort. I am going to check in with the Athena Team and see if we can attach files to comments and update this comment.) 

Alicia Hughes- Mar 07, 2019 07:53 AM Reply

Hi Isaac! There is a little paperclip attachment on the list of available options when you reply - you can attach through there! Thanks for starting this thread!!