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Webinar: Collective impact through collaborative learning

Presented by: Kody Russell, Executive Director, Kitsap Strong

Systems have largely been built on mental models that believe individuals are always “in control” and make “choices” about their behavior. Science about trauma has shown this fundamental assumption is wrong! How can we support leadership teams across systems in our community to learn this science, think critically about their services from a new perspective, and adopt trauma-informed practices and innovative approaches to help clients/staff flourish? Come learn about Kitsap Strong’s Collaborative Learning Academy (CLA) an innovative approach to building organizational knowledge and capacity across nearly 50 organizations and schools to become a trauma-informed community.

Kody Russellis the Executive Director of Kitsap Strong, an engaging and entertaining “MASTER Trainer” certified in the ACEInterface NEAR sciences (neuroscience, epigenetics, Adverse Childhood Experiences – ACEs, & resiliency) curriculum, who uses storytelling & lived experience to help people understand complex information. As Executive Director, Kody provides support to 100+ agencies working to implement NEAR sciences & become a trauma-informed community.

Date and Time: 
July 24, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm