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Webinar: Managing your mind during stress

We all know about mindfulness. We’ve read the articles and books, listened to the speakers and the podcasts. But how do we integrate mindfulness into our lives, in a meaningful way? Mike Sacco has been quietly living a life of meditation and mindfulness while working, being in relationship as husband, father, friend, and not incidentally the founder and director of the UDistrict Foundation Mentoring Program in Spokane.

Practical ideas and practices so that we can use mindfulness in the workplace and relationships. This will be about the inner landscape that impacts relationships between mentoring program staff or mentor and mentee.

Course Content:

• A brief working definition of mindfulness: Being present:
- Attention or bringing presence.
- Intention or bringing our best selves to relationships and circumstances.
• Barriers to being present and bringing presence.
• Pathways to present/presence.
• Personal practices:
- Sitting meditation (various types)
- Walking meditation
- Guided meditation
- Reminders
- Writing
- Resources

Life changing objectives for attendees:
I’m unconcerned about what any of us learn in this brief time together. I’m hopeful that we all take away one change that edges us closer to sanity. Just one thing that makes a difference in the parts of life that are really hard. My husband. My daughter. My coworker. The constant activity in my mind that I can’t shut off.

Date and Time: 
June 11, 2020 - 1:00pm to July 30, 2021 - 10:51pm