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Webinar: Virtual youth engagement

During these challenging times, coalitions can play a key role in ensuring families and communities implement strategies that build resiliency and strengthen attachment and connectedness among youth. Resilience is the ability to thrive, adapt and cope despite tough and stressful times. The presence of caring adults and stable environments are necessary components for a child’s healthy development and for building resilience and protection. Specifically, safe, stable and nurturing relationships between children and their parents or caregivers can act as a buffer against the effects the stresses experienced during this coronavirus pandemic. This webinar provides practical information, hands-on tools and resources that coalitions can share with coalition partners and families in the community. 

Youth Trainers: Andrea Marquez, Nigel Wrangham and LaDarrick Smith

Date and Time: 
May 6, 2020 - 10:00am to 11:30am